Terms of use

General terms of use for Groupe Dufour websites

Groupe Dufour maintains informative websites that offer information about whale cruises and its two hotel properties: the Cap-aux-Pierres Hotel and the Le Vacancier Motel and Cottages. These sites are also transactional sites, as they can be used to reserve our products and services. People who access our site do so of their own volition. As a result, they accept that these terms of use govern the content and operation of our sites, as well as any authorized use they may make of them.

Accuracy of information

While a great deal of effort goes into the development of our sites, Groupe Dufour provides no guarantee, express or implicit, as to the accuracy, completeness or currency of the information provided. We reserve the right, at our sole discretion and without notice, to remove, modify or update all or part of the content of our websites.

Intellectual property

Certain names, words, titles, expressions, logos, icons, graphic elements, drawings or other content that appear on the pages of Groupe Dufour sites are trade names or trademarks owned by Groupe Dufour and its entities or trade names or trademarks granted to it under permit or licence. Any other material contained on our websites is protected by copyright. Any unauthorized loading, retransmission, copying or modification of trademarks, images, text or data contained on our websites may contravene federal or provincial laws and particularly laws governing trademarks, industrial designs or copyright, and could expose the visitor to legal action. Except for needs related to navigation on the Internet and unless otherwise stated, it is strictly prohibited to copy, redistribute, reproduce, republish, store on any medium, retransmit or modify the information contained on the websites of Groupe Dufour or to make public or commercial use of it, in any form whatsoever, without prior consent.

Unauthorized links

The fact that there are unauthorized links to Groupe Dufour websites in no way constitutes consent or a waiver of rights and recourse by Groupe Dufour. The existence of unauthorized links toward our websites does not legally bind Groupe Dufour.