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General Terms of Use for Groupe Dufour Web sites

Groupe Dufour maintains Web sites for the purposes of providing information about its whale watching tours and its four hotel properties, the Hôtel Clarendon, Hôtel Val-des-Neiges, Hôtel Cap-aux-Pierres and motel Le Vacancier and its rental cottages. These sites are transactional and offer visitors the opportunity to make reservations for our products and services online. By accessing this Web site you accept, are bound by and agree to comply with all terms and conditions as stipulated in these Terms of Use. If you do not agree with these Terms of Use, you should immediately discontinue any use of this site.

Accuracy of information

Although a great deal of effort goes into the development of its Web sites, Groupe Dufour provides no guarantee, either express or implicit, as to the accuracy, exhaustiveness, validity or timeliness of information provided. We reserve the right, at our sole discretion, to remove, modify or update all or part of the contents of our Web sites.

Intellectual property

The following Web sites are protected by copyright:, et In addition, certain names, words, titles, expressions, logos, icons, graphic elements, drawings and diagrams or other content appearing on the pages of these Web sites are commercial designations or trademarks held by Groupe Dufour and its subsidiaries, or commercial designations or trademarks granted to them by virtue of a permit or license. All other material contained on our Web sites is also protected by copyright.The unauthorized downloading, retransmission, copying or modification of trademarks, images, text or data contained on these Web sites may contravene federal or provincial laws, and especially the laws pertaining to trademarks, industrial drawings or copyright, and may subject the user to legal proceedings.Except for the purposes of navigating the Internet, or unless otherwise indicated, it is strictly prohibited to copy, redistribute, reproduce, republish, store on any medium, retransmit or modify the information contained on these Web sites, or to make public or commercial use thereof in any way whatsoever, without having obtained prior consent.

Collection and use of information

Here are some of the reasons why we collect personally identifiable information you provide us with or that we request of you when you use one of our Web sites, products or services:

  • To assist in providing services such as the completion of transactions (for example, making a reservation, completing an information request or ordering a product).
  • To help design advertising or communications concerning the products and services offered by Groupe Dufour, our strategic marketing partners or other reliable third parties.
  • To conduct market research through the use of surveys for the purposes of improving our services, our Web sites, stays in our hotels, and the various means of communication, advertising campaigns or promotional activities we use.

You always have the option of not divulging personal information or deciding which kind of communications you wish to receive from us. However, this may affect the processing of certain transactions. For example, it would not be possible to make a reservation without providing your name.

Data use and disclosure

In the majority of cases, information you provide us with is added to a database. Subsequent to processing of your information, it is possible for your personally identifiable information to be transmitted to a third-party service provider. Groupe Dufour has a general policy of not selling, renting or transmitting your personally identifiable information to unaffiliated third parties. The circumstances under which such transmission of collected information may occur are as follows:

With your consent

  • When exchanging or divulging your personal information is necessary in order to offer you the quality products or services that you desire (for example, in booking a round of golf).
  • When companies or providers of services that collaborate with Groupe Dufour request such information (for example, in credit card transactions, while providing customer services or with database services).
  • Should Groupe Dufour merge with or be acquired by another company.
  • Where required by law or regulation or by court order.
  • In case of emergency or in the protection of the life, health or personal property of others.

In the case where information is shared as previously indicated we will endeavour to limit the amount of information transmitted according to the situation. Except where otherwise compelled by court order, we will insist that third parties protect your sensitive personal information.


In order to obtain information, we may contact you by post, email, telephone or any other means in order to inform you about new products and services offered by Groupe Dufour, special offers, events, improvements or any other information that may interest you. You may also receive email from carefully selected third parties. You always have the option of declining any or all such communications by following the instructions provided in our communications, electronic or otherwise, or by contacting us directly. However, in some cases information may be saved on data storage systems or registration forms for technical, financial or legal reasons. For this reason, despite your request, not all of your personal information is necessarily deleted from our databases.

Security safeguards

Groupe Dufour recognizes the importance of information security, and is constantly reviewing and enhancing our technical, physical, and logical security rules and procedures. All Groupe Dufour-owned Web sites and servers have security measures in place to help protect your personal information against loss, misuse, and alteration while under our control. Although "guaranteed security" does not exist either on or off the Internet, we safeguard your information using both procedural and technical safeguards.

To process your online reservations for rooms or packages on our Web sites, we use the services of TravelClick Inc. and their Istay II™ platform. For online cruise reservations we use Billdufour, software exclusive to Groupe Dufour. We may also deal with other service providers in meeting your requests for products and services. Information collected by these external suppliers will serve solely in the processing of your reservation or purchase and will not be used or divilged for purposes other than those mentioned previously or, if otherwise, without your prior formal consent.

Online technologies

Groupe Dufour may use cookies, invisible pixels, and Web beacons to obtain information about you when you visit our Web sites. A cookie is a very small text file that is sent to your browser from a Web server and stored on your computer's hard drive. It assigns a unique identifier to your computer, which in turn, becomes your identification card whenever you return to a Groupe Dufour Web site. Cookies are designed to save you time because they help us to provide you with a customized experience without you having to remind us of your preferences each time you return to our Web pages. Groupe Dufour cookies cannot damage your files, nor can they read information from other files on your computer hard drive.

Groupe Dufour cookies are limited to our Web sites and are not designed to follow you when traveling on the Internet after leaving Groupe Dufour owned Web sites. We track the usage of our Web sites in order to better meet your needs and to help make it easier for you to find information in the future. Please note that in addition to Groupe Dufour cookies, various third parties may also place cookies on your computer's hard drive. Groupe Dufour is not responsible for the presence or absence of third party cookies, or for the technological capabilities or practices employed by third parties in connection with third party cookies.

If you would prefer not to have the benefits of cookies, your Internet browser can be adjusted to treat cookies in different ways. Depending upon the type of browser you are using, you may be able to configure your browser so that: (i) you are prompted to accept or reject cookies on an individual basis or (ii) you may be able to prevent your browser from accepting any cookies at all. You should refer to the supplier or manufacturer of your Web browser for specific details about cookie security. However, you should also understand that rejecting cookies might affect your ability to perform certain transactions on our Web sites and our ability to recognize the type of browser you are using.

Groupe Dufour also uses invisible pixels, sometimes called Web beacons, to count how many people visit certain Web pages. Information collected from invisible pixels is used and reported in the aggregate and does not contain personally identifiable information. Groupe Dufour may use this information to improve marketing programs and content.

Links to other Web sites

For your convenience and information, Groupe Dufour makes reference to other Web sites on its Web pages. Groupe Dufour is not responsible or liable for any content presented by or contained on any independent Web site, including, but not limited to, any advertisement or advertising practice. Please note that while Groupe Dufour will protect your information on Groupe Dufour owned and operated Web sites, we cannot control and will not be responsible for the privacy policies of third party Web sites or residence properties that may use the name of a Groupe Dufour brand, or Web sites not controlled or authorized by Groupe Dufour. Third party Web sites that are accessed through links on our Web sites have separate privacy and data collection practices, and security measures. We have no responsibility or liability for the practices, policies and security measures implemented by third parties on their Web sites. We encourage you to contact them to ask questions about their privacy practices, policies and security measures and how these sites collect, use and store personal information.

Unauthorized links

The existence of any unauthorized links to Groupe Dufour Web sites in no way whatsoever constitutes a consent or waiver of rights and recourse by Groupe Dufour. The existence of unauthorized links toward our Web sites does not legally bind Groupe Dufour.


Groupe Dufour does not seek to obtain nor does it wish to receive personally identifiable information directly from minors; however, we cannot always determine the age of persons who access and use our Web sites. If a minor (as defined by applicable law) provides us with his/her data without parental or guardian consent, we encourage the parent or guardian to contact us to have this information removed and to unsubscribe the minor from future Groupe Dufour marketing communications.

To contact us

If you would like to update your information, modify your communication preferences, or if you do not want to receive marketing communications from Groupe Dufour in the future, you can contact us.

Changes and updates

Groupe Dufour reserves the right to amend these Terms of Use for our Web sites in order to meet changes in the regulatory environment, business needs, or to satisfy the needs of our guests, properties, strategic marketing partners and service providers. Updated versions will be posted to our Web site with the date of modification indicated.